Advanced Psychology

Title: Analysis of the Reliability of Identification in the Ronald Cotton Case

First, watch the CBS News special about Ronald Cotton.
Review the provided attachments and create a statement to the legal team stating your position on whether this identification is reliable or not, and why you have come to that conclusion. 
The statement should include:
1. An Introduction to Your Position (Is the Identification Reliable?)
2. Two facts that support your position (Use attachments below; this section will be the bulk of the statement).
3. Based on the reading from the National Research Council (2014), which recommendation do you think would have made the strongest difference in the Ronald Cotton case? Explain the reasoning behind it.
4. Provide a conclusion that summarizes your position along with key points. 
This Analysis should be 4 pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12 font. 
Subheadings can be used. Full sentences and paragraphs must be used. 
APA FORMAT (CBS News Special video part 1) (CBS News Special video part 2)