asian religion

Exploring the Concept of Religion: A Review of Two Optional Articles Title: The Concept of Religion: An Analysis of Two Optional Articles Author: [Your Name] Date of Publication: [Date] Religion is a complex and multifac

II. Paper: A 1000-1200 word (roughly 4-5pp) written paper summary/review of TWO of the optional articles. Basically, this is a more traditional essay format, written in complete paragraphs.
You can submit this in any standard word-processing format; please be sure to number your pages and put your name on the first page.
Like the slide option, this one should cover the following points:
title, author, date of publication
the concise summary of the author’s main argument(s)
a summary of the main points and evidence that the author uses
any criticisms or questions you’d like to raise
your essay should explore how the articles might be dialogue with each other (in terms of topic, approach, country, religion, etc), or might offer conflicting perspectives