Business problem solving project proposal

Title: Solving the Business Problem of XYZ Company: A Logical Approach

1. The business client and their business problem (10 marks, 250 words)
· Summary and history of client
· Situation for client at outset of problem solving
· Business problem and set of observations/complications around the situation
· Objective (in the form of a specific, measurable and actionable problem)
2. Problem structure and components logic tree (20 marks,  500 words)
· Initial logic tree (i.e., three layer factor/lever/component tree)
· Fully-referenced commentary of logic tree
3. Solution drivers and hypothesised solutions logic tree (30 markks, 750 words)
· A more complete logic tree (i.e., four-layer deductive logic, hypothesis or hybrid of the two) of
a. solution drivers
b. hypothesised solutions
· Fully-referenced commentary of logic tree
4. Prioritisation of hypothesised solutions (20 marks, 500 words)
· Full 2×2 prioritisation matrix
· Fully-referenced commentary of the prioritisation matrix
5. Workplan (15 marks, 375 words)
· Full workplan for testing hypothesised solutions
· Gantt chart
6. One-day answer (5 marks, 125 words)
· Complete one-day answer