“Transforming Health and Combatting Obesity in the US: Utilizing the Maharishi Effect for Lasting Solutions” Introduction: – The US is facing a major health crisis with high rates of obesity and related health issues. – According to the Centers for

Create the Maharishi Effect 
The theme is health/obesity in the US
Propose a project or research study to create the Maharishi Effect in some area of society or to address an acute social problem or enhance societal success. The area of society or social problem could be on any level of collective consciousness: family, community, groups (businesses or social organizations), city, state, nation, or world. Your assignment over the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning of Week 3 is to make an outline or draft for a 10 minute presentation on your proposal that includes:
1) an introduction to the need for a solution to a social problem using relevant statistics (online research or chatGPT) that define the problem or need for enhancement, and how traditional (old) approaches have failed to provide lasting solutions;
2) a section that describes the underlying theory or principles of the Maharishi Effect as a new approach to the social problem;
3) a results section that summarizes Maharishi Effect research relevant to the social problem, and/or proposes a new research study to investigate a solution using the Maharishi Effect (drawing on previous research), and;
4) a summary or conclusion section that draws these sections together and makes a strong argument for this new approach—ending with an emphatic call to action.
Again, the assignment is to first make an outline or first draft.
Again, the theme is health/obesity in the US