Culture and Ethics in Global Business

“The Impact of Business Investment on Indigenous Culture: A Case Study of [Selected Indigenous Group]”

This written component is an individual work.
The broad title for this assessment is Indigenous culture and business. You are expected to select a
real-life case to demonstrate and discuss the impact of a business investment (e.g. mining, oil and
gas, infrastruture development, etc.) on the indigenous communities, societies, and cultures.
There are exemplar reports (by past students) for this assessment. They are in the Assessments folder
(under the folder “Exemplars for assessments”).
Please have an ongoing discussion (both in class and individually) with your class lecturer to further
develop your focus and approach for this assessment. In addition, you are also required to answer the
question, “Are there any ethical implications? If so, what are they?
This assessment requires you to produce a well-written and well-researched piece supported by
a minimum of 12 references. At least 5 of these references should come from academic peerreviewed sources
and the remainder from company reports, news reports, newspaper articles, and relevant
Note that the Chicago referencing style is the only acceptable referencing style for written work in this unit.
The expected length of this assignment is 2000 words excluding references and with 100 words
of acceptable leeway (using Times New Roman 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing). The writing should be in a
scholarly style with a clear report structure (title; table of content; introduction; headings and subheadings
for the body of the report; conclusion and recommendation). It is not necessary to include an executive
summary for this assessment.
The broad title for this assessment is Indigenous culture and business.
You must select a real-life case to demonstrate and discuss the impact of businessinvestment/activities (e.g. mining, oil and gas, infrastructure development etc) on the specificindigenous community, society and culture featured in your selected case.
You paper should focus on the impact/influence of Indigenous culture on business strategyYou need to address the following:
The history and culture of the indigenous group (their traditional practices, jobs, businesses etc)-are they thriving? Are they being marginalized, have they integrated well into modern society?
The businesses/institutions that they work in and/or help them towards success or even protectthem from exploitation OR the businesses, governments, institutions that exploit them, take awaytheir land, desecrate their religious sites etc
Are there any ethical implications? Human rights? Unfair treatment? Discrimination?You should use the theories you have studied to analyse the above:
Cultural theories – World Value Survey, Kluckholn and Strodtbeck etc
Ethical theories/guiding principles-UNDRIP, UNGC, Absolutism/Relativisim eto  .
I have uploaded several cases. You can write them according to this format.