English critical thinking

“Reflecting on a Semester of Growth: Lessons Learned from ‘How to be an Antiracist’ and ‘Born a Crime'”

BOOK#1 IS “How to be an antiracist” Ibram x Kendi . Book#2 is “Born a crime” by trevor Noah” 
For your Final Self-Reflection Essay, you will need to consider all that you have experienced and accomplished throughout the semester in our course. Your write-up should discuss the texts, authors, ideas, people, events, research, films, Podcasts, art work, assignments, discussions with other students, or other class activities that you have engaged in or been exposed to during the semester that especially stand out for you in one way or another. You should select several high points to discuss, and/or anything you also found most challenging, and you should include specific quotes from your own work, as well as from our texts, and/or from the other sources you were exposed to, to help support and illustrate your commentary. You will also need to consider what skills or knowledge or processes you gained in the class that you might be able to apply to future classes, or to your life outside of class.
You can consider some of these questions to help you in your refection: What books did you like best (or least), and why? What ideas resonated with you the most? Which ideas or facts (in our books or in your research, etc.) surprised you? What ideas or stories made the most impression on you–what lingers still today? Which assignments led you to accomplish the work you feel most proud of? Which assignments did you enjoy working on the most? What did you find most challenging about the course? What new skills, realizations, facts, or thought-processes might be of use to you moving forward?
Your write-up should include:
At least three examples of books, authors, ideas, films, Podcasts, research, art work, assignments, student discussions, or other experiences in the course that had the most significant impact on you this semester.
At least three quotes from either Kendi or Book #2 (or from one of the other sources you wrote about or were exposed to; at least one for each of the three minimum examples).
At least three excerpts from your own writing (your own ideas and words, from your Assignments; at least one for each of the three minimum examples). **When quoting yourself, you can indicate the Assignment number in the lead-in phrase, i.e.: As I wrote in Assignment #5, “your words would go here.” You don’t need citations for these–just include a lead-in phrase. 
At least one example of a skill, an awareness, a process, or a new piece of knowledge that you can foresee possibly having use for in the future (either as something you will be able to apply to your work in other classes, or in your personal life, or to your career or work life).
**You may submit the Final Self-Reflection Essay once all your Assignments and Discussions have been submitted.
(Approx. 450-500 words; more is fine.)
Upload your Final Self-Reflection Essay as either a Word document or PDF by Sun 5/5, 11:59pm.