Gender communication

“Exploring the Intersection of Gender and Capitalism: A Critical Analysis of Communication Issues”

Not really sure how my professor wants me to fix my essay but I only have 3 hours to edit and I graduate tomorrow so please help. Bellow I will add in his comments from the original essay and things that need to be fixed.
His comment:
Oy oy oy–when I started reading the paper, I didn’t realize that it would literally turn out to be a lit review, and that’s insufficient.
You’ve got a long way to go as yet. Please get in touch with me if you need help.
Bibliography: I see ten sources, but they don’t all look legit.
“This essay explores various articles…”: dah!
You can’t just explore. This isn’t a book report–it’s a term paper for a 400 level class and it needs an argument supported by a case filled with evidence. *And* the argument needs to be surprising or controversial in a challenging way. Please see my writing rubric in the syllabus.
Some of you are writing papers but neglecting the “gender comm” part of the assignment. If you didn’t address a critical comm concept from the course in your paper, you might want to do another draft making that work plain to me.
Final Paper: Students will write a paper (double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman) no longer than 5 pages, except for the bibliography. Paper prompt: write a paper concerning a critical question of gender as it relates to
Communication issues 
Fix my essay with legit articles related to the issue and I need 10 sources 
Shorten the essay to no more than five pages. 
Communication gender issues that relate to my topic:
8–Capitalism & Consumption