Gifted education

Title: Case Study Analysis of a Gifted Pupil: Understanding the Influence of Affective Characteristics, Environment, and Educational Opportunities on Talent Development.

Assignment Objective: 
Students will be given a case study on an identified gifted pupil. Students will focus analysis and reporting on the influence that affective characteristics and attitudes, social and family environment, teachers’ and parents’ perceptions and educational opportunities have had on the pupil’s talent development. The purpose of this assignment is to give students’ experience with case study data and analysis to determine and recommend possible educational interventions for gifted pupils. 
Assignment Guidelines:
Review all of the information, analyzing it for patterns and themes. In a written narrative, provide a discussion of the case to include these sections:
Description of Pupil:
Introduction and brief presentation of the student’s academic profile (Why was the student identified as gifted?)
Relevant information on observed or reported affective characteristics (motivation, personality, perseverance, etc.)
Information about the pupil’s special interests, accomplishments, awards, or products
Information about programming and educational opportunities that have been available to this pupil.
Data Analysis: (Look at the school data and the interviews)
Analysis of the findings regarding the relationship between
how did the pupil’s affective characteristics effect their talent development. 
how did the pupil’s environment (school, home and social influences – teachers, parents, siblings, peers) affect their talent development.
Summary focused on aspects of the case that you found interesting or informative. 
Recommendations for affective and academic interventions on behalf of this student. Provide citations to support recommendations. 
A description of what you learned from the case study analysis and how you might change your practice based on your new understandings.