global history

“The Spartacus War: A Critical Review of Historical Analysis and Evidence”

● Size 12 font
● Double spaced
● 1 inch margins
● Page numbers at bottom
● Cover Page (Title in center; your name, date, course name at bottom)
● Chicago Manual Style citations (Purdue’s website is a good source for this)
● Endnotes
● Reference page
Students will write a 3-4 page book review on the book The Spartacus War. Some of the things the book review must include the author’s name and title of the book, a BRIEF summary of the book, a description of the author’s contribution to this particular field of history, a description of how the book is outlined, the author’s thesis and/or purpose for writing the book, analyses of how the author uses evidence to support the argument/purpose, a commentary on the evidence and the sources, an explanation of whether or not the author adequately supported their arguments/made their points clear, and whether you would recommend the book and to what audience.