Health humanities

“Narrative Therapy in Practice: Treating the Protagonist of “Cutting It Out” through the Lens of Arthur W. Frank’s “What is Narrative Therapy and How Can it Help Health Humanities?”

PROMPT: Practice 
synthesis skills by 
considering how a 
narrative therapist 
would treat the 
protagonist of 
Cutting It Out. 
knowledge of 
Cutting it Out as well as  Arthur W. Frank, “What is Narrative 
Therapy and How 
Can it Help Health 
Journal of Medical 
Humanities, 39, 2018, pp. 553-63 (linked to Module).  Include a 
contrast of narrative therapy and the 
therapy the 
protagonist receives in the narrative, 
keeping in mind that her therapy is 
represented from 
her point of view.  
metacognition in 
your post and in 
your reply to a 
Read:  Carolyn Smith, Cutting It Out: A Journey through Psychotherapy and Self-harmLinks to an external site., chapts. 12-23(London; Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006)
I have attached the book below

Health humanities

“The Impact of Racism on Health and Healthcare: Examining Issues and Solutions”

Based on the reading and Williams’ video assigned for 
this session, discuss one or more examples of how 
racism affects health and/or health care. What are some of the problems with race-based medicine, as 
discussed by Dorothy Roberts? Share with your 
classmates any experiences you have had with those
issues. Share with your classmates any experiences 
you have had with those issues.
What action could be taken to reduce such injustices? Demonstrate critical thinking in your responses to the 
prompt and to a classmate.
Videos I have to watch:
How racism makes us sick.” David R. Williams. 2017. 

The problem with race-based medicine.” Dorothy Roberts. 2016. 

Please only use the 3 resources provided the 2 videos
And reading 

Health humanities

“Engaging in Meaningful Discussions” As human beings, we have a natural desire to connect with others and engage in meaningful discussions. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the constant flow of information and lose

Discussion Board 
Post 1.2 (DB1.2): 
(deadline May 22, 11.59pm) Respond to 
at least one other 
classmate. (At least 200 words.)

Health humanities

Introducing Health Humanities: Connecting My Passion for Nursing with the Arts and Humanities Hello classmates, My name is [Your Name] and I am excited to be a part of this class. I am currently pursuing a career in nursing, specifically in

Discussion Board Post 1.1 (DB1.1): (deadline
May 21, 11.59pm)
Introduce yourself to your classmates and respond to 
this prompt: based on your understanding of the 
reading for this Module, explain what Health 
Humanities is. Then, discuss how Health Humanities 
may relate to your career or personal interests. (
At least 300 words [please see DB rubric, abovel.)
For my career I am a NICU NURSE
This a video to watch: