How does the concept of intersectionality enhance

Annotated Bibliography: Intersectionality and Black Feminist Thinking

Read my essay below and write me annotated bibliography on these 4 sources. I’ve already included a research question in my completed essay so please take a look at that. The proposal and Annotated Bibliography—due March 3 (5%)
You will need to submit a paper proposal of roughly 300 words (approx. one page) and an annotated
bibliography of the resources you plan to use (approx. two pages or 600 words).
Your paper proposal should briefly explain:
• Your narrowed-down TOPIC
• The main QUESTION you bring to this research (The answer to this question will become the
foundation for the thesis of your final essay.)
• How you will engage with your research question (e.g, your methodology or approach, themes
or issues you want to examine, the aspects of your topic you particularly wish to explore)
Your annotated bibliography will consist of a summary of the resources you plan to use to write your
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