Humanities : Globalization

“The Synergy Between Economic Growth and Technological Innovation: A Reflection on the Past and a Call for Sustainable Change in the Future”

The synergy between economic growth and technological innovation has been the most significant engine of change for the last 200 years, but unless we improve our economic, environmental, and social behaviors, the next 100 years could be disastrous. Reflect on all parts of this statement. Write a reflective essay that addresses the full themes of this statement. Use concepts like the UN Sustainable Goals, other readings in the course, and outside research to back up your opinions and analysis.  – Essay must be 3 to 4 “FULL” pages  – Times New Roman, 12 Font, Double-Spaced; 
Please use MLA Format (Link is here) MLA Format | Complete Guidelines & Free Template (
– Please remember to include your Full Name, Date, UNIV 2002 Global Issues and Professor Name  
Note to students: Please focus on the following points as you prepare your essay.1. The essay question requires that you integrate information taken from several different (referenced) sources, to organize that information, and to summarize the information with conclusions that may be new to you.  2. Begin with a thesis statement, (or a claim) that you will explain and justify in your essay. Support your ideas with a rationale and evidence (not opinion statements such as “I think”) that are logically organized throughout the essay. Your ideas and the support should be clear to the reader.   3. Select relevant material to illustrate your points and provide specific references to class readings as well as additional research that you conduct via FDU library resources. Your essay must make substantive reference to at least three resources. Do not cite, quote, or reference from Wikipedia or general non-verifiable sources. References should follow a standard MLA citation format.  4. Your essay should reflect appropriate grammar and syntax.