Humanity by the Numbers- History

“From Ignorance to Enlightenment: A Reflection on My Changing Worldview and Its Impact on My Future Plans”

A reflection essay (1-2 pages max) that reviews how your own world view has changed since the beginning of the course, and what that might mean for you as you plan your future. I don’t want to steer you in any particular direction. I’d prefer to leave this assignment very open. This is your chance to reflect on what you used to think about the world, how you used to think about important topics (e.g. based on what others told you, or based on your own analysis of relevant data), how your sense of the world and your ways of thinking about it have changed, and how these changes can be useful to you as you engage the world for a happy, profitable, and fulfilling personal future. 
Topics talked about in this course:
Demographic Change, Health, Education, Etc.
Only Source used in this class is “Our World In Data”
Some Information about me: 
I am going to school for Criminal Justice, and plan on being a police officer or fire fighter in my future.