In Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News

“The Clash of Journalism Ideologies: Analyzing the Debate between Glenn Greenwald and Bill Keller on the Future of News”

In “Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News?,” the debate between Keller and Greenwald revolves around the direction of modern journalism. Each reporter presents the virtues of their approach, and proposes their critiques of the others. In your essay, unpack the debate between them, and the theory founding their overall view of what journalism should be, and should do–in terms of how to go about informing the public. Then, make an argument as to whose view is stronger, more thoughtful–healthier for the spirit of public conversations and democracy. 
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Analytic, in this context, means an objective, neutral, rhetorical style —that attempts to present the argument persuasively through the absence of a personal conjecture.