Leadership and organizational behavior

Title: “Leading Organizational Change: Strategies for Success as a New CEO”

Congratulations you have just been promoted to Chief or CEO of your employer! It is time for organizational change. I’m sure throughout your career you have made statements such as “why do we do it this way?” Times are changing with our workforce, economy, technology etc that we can utilize to better our productivity in society. So Chapter 17 in the text and Chapter 16 in the powerpoint discuss Organizational change.
As the leader what would you change within your agency? Think big and this maybe multiple things. Next, how would you, as the leader, manage the personnel to support this change and “buy in.?” List at least 2 strategies that you would use. How would this impact your agency? Can there be negative repercussions? This is usually every Chief and CEOs biggest challenge. Ideas are great but will the personnel follow and understand the vision?
Please see rubric for grading. You must use the text as one of your required references.