Legal Foundations of Health Care

“Synthesis of Federal Labor Acts, Workplace Discrimination, and Patient/Provider Rights and Responsibilities in Healthcare”

Unit VIII Journal
Assignment Content
For this journal submission, you will demonstrate your synthesis of the concepts presented in this and previous units by addressing each of the following: 
Begin with an introduction that summarizes the various federal labor acts. 
Reflect on the various types of discrimination that occur in the workplace and the laws prohibiting them. 
Depict how the rights and responsibilities of patients and health care providers are alike. 
Summarize the rights and responsibilities of health care providers and medical practices with regard to professional liability insurance. 
How do labor laws relate to health care worker protection in alleged cases of negligence?
Your journal submission must be a minimum of two written pages. You must use at least one peer reviewed or academic sources to support your responses. All sources used must have citations and references formatted in APA style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.