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The Media’s Influence on the Abortion Debate: A Look at the Perspectives of Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Advocates

After reading Chapter 8 on the Mass Media: Write an 2-4 page research paper concerning a controversial issue within your pathway:(pretend you are a journalist reporting about the issue).
You must write this on a Word Document and submit it in d2L under A2. The research paper must be in MLA or APA format. There must be in text citations and a Works Cited or Reference Page. Use at least 3 sources including your textbook. Please see attached example as a full assignment. DO NOT PLAGAIRIZE AS THERE IS A SYSTEM CHECK. ANYTHING ABOVE 10% IS A 0. 
1.Write the background to the issue, explain the issue, it’s history and the current status
2.Write from the perspective of those that support the issue
3.Write from the perspective of those that do not support the issue
4. Write your own analysis explaining which side you support and include supporting evidence as to why.
5. Write the answer to this question as the ending paragraph:  Does the media have an influence on this topic? Why or Why not?
Try to use the vocabulary terms from the book.
Use references and include a Works Cited page. 
MLA format and grammar count. Please see attached rubric.
Please use your textbook as a resource and any other scholarly journal or articles. 
Please make sure to cite any works quoted or used. 
Example -please do not use this example-of an idea. (THERE IS ALSO AN EXAMPLE PAPER ATTACHED)
Abortion is the controversial issue in Health Sciences
Perspective that supports this issue is a group called pro choice
Perspective that does not support this issue is called pro life
Student’s perspective would choose one side and bring supporting evidence as to why they support that side.
The media has a definite impact as court cases are televised, both sides have websites to explain their perspective etc…