Organizational Psychology

“Overcoming Interview Anxiety: Strategies for Success in the Workplace”

Understanding and Overcoming Interview Anxiety and Challenges in the Workplace
you’ll need to move into dedicated sections to explain what interview anxiety involves, its theoretical consequences (see the Cheng & McCarthy article for a good framework), and then a broader literature review. In the literature review, you have a lot of room in this kind of paper to decide what topics pertaining to interview anxiety you might want to write about; you can’t do everything, so think about the issues or applications that you find most personally interesting. For example, some possible sections that you might outline include —
1) What can individual people do to effectively manage their interview anxiety?
2) What can organizations do to reduce interviewee anxiety and eliminate that “noise” from their evaluation of candidates?
3) Is anxiety better, worse, or different with tech-mediated interviews (e.g., synchronous on Zoom or recorded asynchronously without another live person)?
4) How does specific situational anxiety, like interview anxiety, differ in its consequences at work from generalized anxiety?
There is no obligation to cover any/all of these things, so read these articles and think about the parts/ideas that pop up. Then, build your outline along the lines shown in the slides.