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Title: The Impact of Generational Perspectives on Management and Business Practices As a member of the Millennial generation, I view the world through a lens that is shaped by the unique experiences and influences of my generation. Born between 1981 and

Please read Changing Our Perspective: Providing Individual Attention to Family Members of Different Generations (Excerpts from: Lacy Robinson (2014) in chapter 29 on pages 440-443 of the Dr. Klicker textbook. 
In 500 words (double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt-font) please explain your generation through your world lens. I want you to think about the product of your generation. How does this ideology relate to all that we have learned this quarter. From management, motivational theory, human resources, and staff retention. What does this do to management and business in general? Research, give your opinion and back that up with research! Ready. Set. Go!
Paper Guidelines:
500 words or more (AUTOMATIC ZERO if NOT AT LEAST 500 words)
APA formatting, 12 pt, Times New Roman, double spaced
You must have TWO references (Bibliography Page)
You must have in-text citations (follow for help if needed)
TITLE PAGE (Name, Course, Date)