Title: Applying Glaucon and Socrates’ Theories of Justice and Harmony of the Soul in the Nursing Field

This week you assessed Glaucon’s argument for justice and Socrates’ argument for the harmony of the soul. Now you are to apply these theories to your nursing field. Remember, you must demonstrate a good understanding of the reading, and as this is a 300 course, you must paraphrase your source(s) with in-text citations while refraining from direct quoting. Let’s jump in!
According to Glaucon, what is the origin of justice?
How does Socrates refute Glaucon’s definition of justice?
Considering Socrates’ argument against Glaucon, what then is a “Good Life?”
According to Plato, how does “getting what you want” lead one to become a prisoner of their desires?
Explain how Socrates’ refutation of Glaucon may help you in your nursing field. Pose a question to the class related to the weekly material.
Be sure to respond with an active interest to expand the conversation and, utilizing the Socratic method, pose a question.