Political Thought

Title: Understanding and Addressing the Political Challenge of Climate Change: A Comparative Analysis of Theoretical Approaches

Political problem/topic: The political challenge of climate change
Students must then choose one approach from each of the following weeks:
–          WEEK 2– choose between: The Comparative Method OR institutionalism
–          WEEK 3 – choose between: Structuration OR Marxism OR Feminism
–         Week 4 – choose between:  Discourse Theory OR post-colonialism and critical Indigenous studies
Some notes to help with understanding what these are, is attached 
Describe how your three chosen theoretical approaches would conceptualize the problem, what aspects of the problem they might foreground, and how it might approach possible solutions (approx. 500 words per approach). In the final 500 words, students should determine which approach they find most convincing, and explain why. Your response should engage with academic research (i.e. scholarly books, peer-reviewed journal articles) from your chosen theoretical traditions.