Strategies of business communication

“The Impact of Company Success: A Case Study and Analysis”

MLA page one heading and original title. No separate title page needed.
2)5-7 pages of double spaced text in Times New Roman 12 point font including:
• An introduction presenting any context or background that helps your audience understand your central claim and argument.
• A strong central claim. This is the answer to your research question
• Well-organized text that shows thorough research and analysis and supports your thesis statement
• Your conclusion: Briefly sum up your company’s success. Speculate on the possible future impact and influence of that success in a wider context in the market, the community, the nation, or the world.
• Correct in-text citations for all material from all sources
• A works cited page including all sources cited in the paper (at least five). Follow standard MLA Works Cited page format. Remember to update the Works Cited page for the final draft.
• Proofread: The paper should use a clear, active style and be free from errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Maintain a professional tone while expressing your own unique, genuine voice.
• Include an original title and page numbers. No title page is needed. Refer to the sample report in the MLA section of the Pocket Style Manual or the MLA section the Purdue OWL for sample of the page one format. (Use link below and scroll  down.) mla_general_format.html
Best Practices and Tips for Success:
• Successful research documents facts, past events, the published or produced work and/or writing of experts which can be accessed, studied, and analyzed. Relevant, findable evidence deals with the present or the past. Documented evidence about the future does not exist. Speculation is not research. Confine it to your conclusion.
• The body of your paper should begin with your strong Central Claim, then support your claim with evidence from credible sources and your own analysis of that evidence.
• Make sure you understand each graded component. Follow instructions.
• A good final report balances both information from reputable sources and the writer’s own voice actively organizing, analyzing, and concluding from that information.
• Start early. Pace yourself. Leave time to WALK AWAY, revise, and edit.
Aim for high quality work, but not perfection. Perfectionism is often the enemy of completion and success.
And Example is attached.