Accounting managial

“Exploring Managerial Accounting: Insights from Industry Experts”

As noted in the syllabus, Managerial Accounting is the second of a 2 part sequence of accounting courses (the first being Financial Accounting). I have included 3 podcasts and 1 informational interview (Janine Danielson of LGA) to provide you with a deeper understanding of certain topics related to the field of accounting.
Your assignment: 
For the Industry Speaker Series Project, please write a paper summarizing what you learned from listening to the 3 podcasts and 1 informational interview. The podcasts and interview are numbered from 1 to 4.   Please listen to them in order.
In your paper, you should summarize what you learned from   EACH of the podcasts and interview (3 podcasts and the informational interview). The paper must address all 4. If you do not address all 4, points will be deducted.
The paper should a minimum of 3 FULL pages and a maximum of 5 pages. You should use Times New Roman Font 12, and the paper should be double spaced.
This assignment should be submitted through this link in Blackboard (attaching your word file)
It is due on   Sunday, April 21st at  11:59 pm EDT. If you are done before then, you can submit it but once you submit it is considered final.
podcasts and video: