It operations management

“Assessment and Solution for Degradation of Performance in a Legacy System: A Case Study of Under Milkwood’s IT Operations Department”

Body of report ~3000 words. Ensure appropriate content without verbosity.
You are the Manager of the IT Operations Department of Under Milkwood. Application and hardware monitoring of a legacy system has reported a gradual degradation of performance against your SLA metrics over the past 2 months. You have been tasked to prepare a report outlining the problem and suggesting a solution. The two key parts are the assessment of the legacy system, and impact of change assessment. Address those two parts separately, but show understanding how each drives the next.  
Your report should have the following sections:
Management Summary
The Management Summary summarises the report’s findings & recommendations. It must stand by itself as an overview of your ideas. You write it last. 
Table of Contents
Scope of the report
Legacy Assessment
What is a legacy system? Describe the system you picked. Why can the system you picked be considered legacy? How and why are SLA metrics monitored and reported in the degradation scenario (root cause analysis)? How and why is BTOPP assessed? How are Business counterparts engaged? How you would assess permanent corrective action and, in terms of the case study, how you would collaborate with and present a recommendation to your Business?
Impact of change
Assessment of change impact on six management areas (configuration management, acceptance criteria, change management, baseline, SLA, metrics). What are the dependencies between them and how are they managed? Assuming the IRB approves the project, how you would manage the impact of the project on IT Operations Management? How will the change be migrated into production (plan and process, Change Review Board) and then maintained long term?
Risks and benefits
Overview of positive and negative consequences of the proposal
Cost Estimation (where relevant)
References, Appendices (if applicable).