Information Visualization

Title: Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Air Pollution and Education: A Data Visualization and Analysis Tableau Story Example File

There are two tasks here using the same set of data.
Task #1
Use the Covid 19 data from the Final Project
You can also use any of the extra datasets listed on the final project page in addition to the COVID 19 data, or optionally include the air pollution, population or education datasets you used in the midterm.
Determine a story or goal for the visualization
Read background information from credible sources to get started on which relationships to look at first in your data
Make sure that each chart/graph leads into the next
Build at least three charts/graphs towards your final project data visualization
Final deliverables for this assignment include the .twbx file containing at a minimum of 4 visualizations. Each chart will be on its own sheet (no dashboard or story allowed for this assignment)
Remember the following
Every tab must have the chart type at the bottom
Every chart must have a title
Captions are optional, but encouraged
While you can repeat chart types in your final project, it’s recommended that you try to demonstrate your range of abilities in this practice so you’ll get the most useful feedback.
Task #2
You are tasked with creating a visual presentation using  the datasets presented above.
This assignment ties in the concepts learned throughout the semester in the format of an interactive Tableau Story. You will:
Determine the story or message for the data visualization
Build an interactive data visualization to tell the story
Create a written report to discuss the data source, challenges and key findings.
The finished product is a completed interactive Tableau data story and accompanying report. Visualizations should demonstrate a range of different chart/graph types, but repeating a chart type is permitted for the final project.
These datasets have not been cleaned. Consider cleaning data as needed in Excel or by using Tableau’s Data Interpreter.
This interactive story should have at a minimum six graphs. That means you will have 6 different sheets combined into one Tableau story.
Make sure to have a title on each sheet
make sure that all Tableau sheets are labeled with the type of graph on the bottom tab
Make sure to have appropriate captions and text in the Tableau Story
Tips for success with the visualizations:
Read and tie in background information through the use of external resources. External resources are the best sources for suggestions on relationships to look for in the data.
Analyze the data attributes and determine if it is numerical or categorical, discrete, continuous, etc.
Include text boxes in your visual Tableau story to indicate significant points or to explain the visualization if necessary.
Use Tableau filters to drill down in the data to find potential relationships.
Adjust attributes as necessary. Sometimes Tableau defines attributes differently. For example, date is defined as “Abc” but that isn’t helpful if you intend to use it in date or year format.
Zoom in to areas so the user can properly evaluate details.
Utilize tooltips properly. Edit as necessary and include relevant information.
Make sure ALL visualizations have proper labels and titles where necessary and be sure to cite your sources!
Written Report Instructions
In a 750-1000 word, double-spaced APA paper, discuss the data source, challenges and key findings. You can refer to screenshots from the work you did in Tableau as part of the report – it’s a good idea to highlight the parts of the work you find the most interesting, present the most challenging comparisons, etc..
Your report should cite its sources in APA format. Properly cite with APA in-text citations and an accompanying references page. Please reference the Purdue OWL APALinks to an external site. resource for examples.
Submission Instructions
Both files need to be submitted for this assignment:
.twbx format for the Tableau work
.pdf or word doc for your report
To minimize confusion, attached is an example layout file to aid you Download here is an example layout file to aid you. You will see in this Tableau file that there are 6 sheets and 1 story. The visualizations and data in this file are irrelevant to your project, but this is the general “set up” I am looking for with 6 sheets and 1 story. Notice how you can click through the story 6 times which is one vis per page in the story. If there is no Tableau Story in your submitted file, that means you did not complete the assignment.
Google Drive link for example file