Airline Management

“Surviving and Thriving: Applying Concepts of Airline Management to Delta Airlines in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic” “Branding for a Cause: How an Organization Helps Homeless Runaway Teens”

6 pages additional to title page and reference page. So 8 pages total, but 6 pages of actual content.
Final Paper Instructions:  Please pick an airline of your choice to
research and apply concepts learned throughout the semester in airline
management. For example, I choose Delta Airlines.
It is essential to include the Covid-19 pandemic topic in your final
paper due to the impact it has had on the aviation world.  This virus has changed and will continue to
change how management conducts business going forward for airlines.  It will be necessary for each one of you to
come up with ideas that will be realistic for airlines to operate safely, cost
effectively, and gain customer’s trust to travel the world again.  This is not an easy task as many of us in the
aviation field are experiencing over an 80% reduction in flights, leaves of
absences, possible lay-offs, reduction in work hours, sickness amongst the work
force and customers, capital spending suspending, and cash running out for each
airline by the billions each month that passes.
There is a total of 11 chapters in the textbook, and I would like
for each student to use any concepts you have learned this semester and apply
it to your airline. For example, I have learned several concepts this
semester in airline management. First, I want to know who my customers are, and
provide marketing techniques to reach each one such as complete surveys for
frequent flyer miles. Second, the PESTE analysis really stood out for me this
semester, and I will discuss this in further detail in relation to Delta
Airlines later in my paper. The Covid-19 virus has changed the way my airline
will operate going forward on many levels. Third, Porter’s Five Forces. Fourth,
the product life cycle. Fifth, pricing and revenue management. Last, branding
and how important it is for an airline to appeal to a customer through their brand.
Please follow the outline below for your
final paper:
page- (first page).
Introduction- Please introduce the airline of your
choice. Do not go into detail regarding board of directors and people, but a
general overview of the airline from where it started and where it stands today
(second page).
Content-Use each concept you have learned to develop your paragraphs and
pages throughout the paper (third, fourth, fifth, and sixth pages).
Conclusion- Please use your own ideas and thoughts
as an airline manager what you would do for the airline of your choice to
survive in the future (seventh page).
References- Please provide at least 5 references (no
more than 10 years old) for the airline you chose to write about (eight page).
Your final paper should be no less than eight pages.
Please remember you can choose any topics that really stood out
for you this semester in learning about airline management. When I discuss
about applying the concept to the airline of your choice you will really have
to think about the airline and how they do business today. For example,
Branding was such an important concept I learned in airline management. Wanting
to get people to see your airline as a brand verses just another company is not
an easy task, but I think Delta Airlines is starting to achieve the success of
being a brand in the United States. Delta Airlines advertises and markets
themselves around the world through different sponsorships, volunteer work, and
participation in great causes around the world. They are the sponsors for the
NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden where they reach millions of people. Delta
airlines has associated themselves with Habitat for Humanity, which is
volunteer work for building homes around the world. Delta fights human
trafficking around the world by providing online training for all their
employees to be able to identify what human trafficking could look like while
you are working. Recently, Delta airline employees slept out on the streets to
show their support in the Covenant House which is an organization that help
homeless runway teens.
The above is to give everyone a sample of how you would discuss
what you have learned about branding and how it was applied to the airline of
your choice (please do not use in your paper).