Middle Eastern History

Title: “Navigating the Complexities of Mandate Palestine: A Character Analysis and Reflection on UNSCOP and 1967 Games”

**I have attached a copy of the characters “screenshot” that includes their        background information 
I will be needing two different portfolios on these characters: 
1.)Emil Sandstome 
2.)Hossein Makki 
The questions below are still used for each portfolio:
This is for both the UNSCOP game AND the 1967 game…submit in ONE file 
A day by day account/diary WRITTEN IN CHARACTER of what both your plans and your faction’s were, schemes involved, tactics, planning, etc;  how did your character contribute – was your input into decisions accepted/rejected
Which victory points you obtained from your role sheet by completing your objectives and which you did not fail to do (mention why)
Reflection on the Game – Not in Character – What did you learn about life    in Mandate Palestine at the time? How did it challenge your ideas about it? About the issues they were debating?
Benefits of this game for students/things to improve in this game