Workplace Law

“Time Management and Legal Analysis: Navigating an Exam with IRAC Method and Utilizing Resources”

Time You will have 2.5 hours + 25 minutes additional time to complete this exam. Note that the 25 minutes additional time is provided in case events such as temporary internet or power outages, therefore this should not be counted on as time that you will have available to work on the exam.
you may utilise your textbook, notes, powerpoint slides etc. Format of the exam You will be required to answer four questions. Please see the below breakdown: 
Question 1: 25 marks
Question 2: 10 marks
Question 3: 15 marks
You are required to use the IRAC method for Question 1 e.g. what are the issues? What are the relevant rules and laws? How do they apply to the facts, and what is the outcome of this application. However, the IRAC method is not required for Questions 2 and 3. You must provide case and/or legislation references where appropriate for each question or you will receive very little marks. You are expected to cite relevant sections of legislation and case law where applicable.