Luxury branding Strategy

Title: “Maintaining the Luxury Identity: A Case Study of Rolex’s Marketing Strategy”

The assignment overview:
This assignment is based on academic knowledge of luxury strategy and an understanding of the principles of luxury marketing with reference to the “dream equation” 
Overall aim: to apply knowledge of the principles of Luxury brand management and evaluate its marketing strategy to maintain the brand’s identity and credentials in an evolving environment.
Slide 2
Present the positioning of Rolex (using the positioning template introduced in class).
Slide 3
Apply Kapferer’s brand identity prism model to Rolex.
Present as a visual with text boxes.
Slides 4, 5, 6
Select 3 characteristics of luxury (from lecture 2) and discuss their 
purpose in
Rolex’s branding.
Slides to include print screens of actual marketing communications and notes to
include discussion with academic references.
Suggested word count: 100 words each.