Life Science

Title: The Impact of Climate Change on Oklahoma’s Forests: Exploring the Evidence and Controversies

Section 1: Select a clearly defined topic to explore under the specific theme. This should be a question or statement that will
be the topic of your paper, and should be something you have personal interest in (e.g. “Covid 19 could linger within the
population for years” or “does washing produce from the store matter?”). This section should introduce and explain your topic
and include enough background material that another student in this course could understand your premise.
• Section 2: Supporting section. Here you answer your question or support the main thesis of your case study. Including at least
1 citation from a peer-review source here, more are acceptable. Use additional citations from newspaper articles or similar in
order to round out your supportive section.
• Section 3: Opposing section. Give time and explain the contrary position to your thesis or question. If possible, include 1
citation from a peer-reviewed source here.
• Section 4: Conclusion section. Connect the dots for the reader here, balancing the points made in the supporting and opposing
sections. If your references contradict each other, weigh in here and settle the disagreement for the reader.
Citations Needed:
• At least 4 assorted news articles or similar. High quality sources only! National level publications are great, state level are okay,
anything else is probably a stretch, unless your dealing with a specific location and then are using local sources (e.g. A topic:
“Is warming climate going to impact Oklahoma’s forests?” would benefit from Oklahoma sources.
• At least 2 sources from peer-reviewed journal articles relevance to the scientific community
• THAT’S 6+ references!