DEM---Spring -Demography of Race and Ethnicity

“The Demography of Race and Ethnicity: Exploring Empirical Data and Theoretical Frameworks in a Research Paper”

Research paper: Students are required to write a research paper on a relevant topic concerning the demography of race and ethnicity. Students are expected to develop research papers using and analyzing empirical data. The grade on the paper depends on the significance of its content, exhaustive knowledge of the existing literature, incorporation of theoretical frameworks to ground the paper, proper use of data and analytical procedures, accuracy in the reporting of the results, and how well the paper is organized and written. The paper should undergo serious proofreading and editing. The paper should be approximately 20 pages in length (double-spaced) including tables/figures and references. Students will submit a one-page proposal describing their research idea and a description about how the paper will be developed (e.g., literature review, data, methods, etc.).