ethics and sustainability

“Ethical and Sustainability Issues Raised by Increased Use of Technology in Business: A Critical Analysis”

please make sure use uk English and google books reference uk in Harvard style.
document. Using relevant recent examples from business, your task is to create a 12-15 minute presentation critically addressing the ethical and sustainability issues raised by the increased use of technology in business. Your presentation should consider both the short term and long term impacts, and mention issues such as the effect on staff and customers, the impact on the long-term sustainability of the business, and a discussion of how leaders could balance financial and ethical concerns when considering the use of AI and automation. please follow the photos I have attached. for example could mention about working from home cheaper options less carbon footprint from housing being heated so mentions cons and pros, cons could be not having privacy managers being able to track if your online working if working from home. could technology use ai to provide better personal protection equipment for example not having such a waste of plastic gloves on the environment maybe Ai could invent something like bamboo material reusable but in safe ways. for Zara mention about how the staff work and ways to help that maybe if we paid more like 10p for that to go to the staff instead of the business owner, also mention about the fast fashion having impact on the environment for example white tshirt the process that it has to be died white and killing the fish as going in the sea. mention ai could help speed up the waiting list for diagnostic meaning people could get back to work. mention John Ellington people planet, profit talk about technology effecting this. mention ai cleaning up the planet making jobs and helping the country slide of issues affecting csr in uk fashion for Zara check what I’ve attached. eco friendly materials for both Zara and nhs like bamboo or products made of hemp, maybe Zara could triple stitch there clothing for the sustainability issue at each step how could ai help. maybe bring some manufacturers to uk so better for environment less carbon footprint print. mention about health problems children out of school many country like Bangladesh risk of disappearing due to floods where Zara get there clothes from. the sustainability development goals I want you to choose the three good health and well being then explain about nhs , quality of education mention Zara and nhs, life below water mention these very important. also for recreate use blowfield when talking about sustainability you’ll see the slide and John Ellington triple bottom line mention how treat people and planet and profit balance. make sure to attach pictures and put everything on different slide