Evidence-Based practice trauma informed care

Title: Evidence-Based Trauma-Informed Care for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

I’ve completed an annotated bibliography that I will attach along with the population of choice to be used. Those citations must be used in addition to needing 6 more citations as 10 total is needed for complete paper. Here are the instructions for the assignment:
Final Assignment – Due Week 15 Evidence-Based, Trauma-Informed Care
Worth 40% of final grade
For this assignment, you will research evidence-based trauma-informed approaches to care
with a population of interest. Your research must include scholarly articles. You may use articles
from the course syllabus and grey literature (i.e.) government reports and policy literature.
Your paper should address the following questions: What are the trauma-informed, evidencebased interventions for working with this population? Why is this topic relevant for social work
practice, research, and policy in trauma-informed care?
Select one evidence-based model of interest to you and summarize the intervention or program
model. For example, you may summarize the model using the following information: Program
overview, target population, program goals, essential components, summarize the steps/phases
of implementation, length and duration of services, service modality, and theoretical foundation
of the model. Use relevant published, peer-reviewed research to explain how the intervention is
trauma-informed and how it assists the population (individuals, groups, families, or
communities) you have chosen. What are the strengths and limitations of the model or
You are required to follow the outline below when writing your paper. Each section should have
a heading and subheading corresponding to the outline below.
I. Introduction to the topic
a. Introduce your topic on trauma.
b. Explain why you chose the topic.
c. Explanation of clinical applicability and relevance
II. Literature review for evidence-based, trauma-informed care
a. A review of the relevant literature using peer-reviewed/scholarly sources
b. Define and describe the area presented.
c. Explain how the topic relates to the field of social work.
d. Explain how the topic relates to trauma practice/treatment.
IV. Clinical Practice, Policy, and Research Implications (Application of Trauma Topic)
Application of trauma literature by:
a. Relating to concepts from class.
b. Relating to concepts from readings.
c. Apply to clinical practice, policy, and research. SWK 840, Spring 2024 (Rivera)
Instructions: Required sources: minimum of 10 sources from the empirical literature. Your
paper must follow APA style 7th Ed. (citations, references, and cover page). It should be 8-10
pages maximum (excluding references).