Ecosystem Ecology

Title: The Role of the ‘Ecosystem Services’ Concept in Ecosystem Conservation: A Scientific and Subjective Perspective

Is the ‘ecosystem services’ concept a helpful one in ecosystem conservation? If you think so, under what conditions? If not, why not?
The ‘ecosystem services’ concept is increasingly being used in various fields such as biodiversity conservation. The core idea of the concept is that ecosystems contribute to human well-being. In other words, ecosystem processes and/or components only become or lead to ecosystem services if somebody requires, demands or uses them, either actively or passively. “Ecosystem services” is thus a value-laden (i.e., normative) concept. 
Answer the question from a scientific AND subjective (i.e., human values about conservation priorities) perspective. They should also be from an ecosystem-level perspective.
Use the course material slides as needed.
Essay should be 3-pages double spaced and follow a 5-paragraph style essay. Formatting details: Times New Roman, 12-point font and standard margin width (i.e., 2.54 cm). Please include page numbers. You will be penalized if the report does not follow these formatting guidelines (2% per page).
Your essay should include in-text citations and a bibliography. The bibliography is not included in the 3-page limit. Citation style is the same as your term project. In your report, your answer should include: 
1.     A clear statement of whether you agree or disagree; 
2.     A clear statement of why you agree or disagree.
3.     A clear differentiation between a scientific and subjective perspective.