“Gender Disparities and Climate Change: Women-Centered Approaches for Addressing Economic and Health Challenges in [Assigned Country]”

Final Paper
We will be presenting the final paper in an options memo format based on your groups and common topics. Why? Solutions for policymakers are usually presented in this format. Doing so will encourage:
Analytical thinking
Creating persuasive arguments
Writing recommendations that turn research and advocacy into action
The policy brief itself should be no more than one page long
Times New Roman, normal spacing and margins
Another page of your sources in Harvard style 
Policy Brief Structure
Provide a one paragraph summary of the issue. That is, based on your research, summarize these questions:
What are the gender disparities in the economic and health sectors due to climate change in [your assigned country]?
How does climate change effect women and girls in [your assigned country] when considering migration due to conflict?
Hint: most of this should come from your annotated bibliography
This contains key facts, data, and  factors driving trends that the busy decision maker may not recall vividly but that are essential in examining potential interventions.
The data here should be visualized into graphs, charts, etc. for your final presentation.
Hint: much of this should also come from your annotated bibliography!
Here, you are answering the following question:
Would women centered, and inclusive approaches better benefit the region? If so, what are the positive effects do women have on climate?
Provide at least one recommendation of a woman-centered, inclusive approach for your assigned country. Or, if there wasn’t enough data, recommend what data is necessary for your country in order to try and answer this question.
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