Introduction to public health

Exploring Career Opportunities in Public Health My current career aspiration in public health is to work as a health educator in a state or federal health department. I am passionate about promoting healthy behaviors and preventing disease in communities, and I believe that working in

The following activity is designed to allow you to explore potential careers in public health. Using the links below as a guide, conduct a thorough search to locate a current job or internship postings in this career field. You will review the job postings to determine the qualifications, desired skills, and educational background/certifications listed for the position and select one job posting to submit with your assignment.
Use the following links to guide your search:
State Level:
State and local health department’s websites
Alabama Public Health: Office of Human Resources
Federal Level:
Careers at CDC
General Public Health Jobs:
Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health
Health eCareers
Locate a job posting for the assignment. Save the job posting as a PDF.
To save a webpage as a PDF, while the webpage is open select to print the webpage. Instead of selecting a printer, you will select “save as PDF” as your printer. This will allow you to save the webpage as a PDF to your computer.
Write a 300-word reflection addressing the prompts below based on your future career goals and the information you read in the job ad(s) you located.
What is your current career aspiration in public health?
What are you currently doing to prepare for applying for a job in this career?
Describe your overall reaction to the job posting you selected. What surprised you about the posting, or what was inspiring to you about the posting?
If you were planning to apply for this job in the future, what would you need to do to best prepare yourself for the position? 
What goals can you set for yourself during your undergraduate program to better prepare yourself to receive an offer for this type of job?
Save the Word document as LastName-FirstName-CareersInPublicHealth.
Save the PDF as LastName-FirstName-JobListing.
Select your Word document and PDF files for one submission.
If you cannot access the links, Please let me know. DO NOT use outside sources other than the links attached in this instructions. 
Do not exceed 300 words please. 
PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY** – make up the answers to the questions addressing my career path please sound like a 23 year old college student.