Level 4 Counselling (UK)

Completion of Unit 7 Assignments for SEG Diploma in Counselling Level 4

Most of L03 and all of L04 has already been written. L03 was cut short and needs additional information. L04 needs reviewing to see if it meets the criteria stipulated so that it will pass, L05 needs doing from scratch,  included is an example from a classmate suggests that it doesn’t have to be that long to pass as long as the criteria is all covererd.
Completion Required: SEG Diploma in Counselling Level 4, Unit 7 Assignments
Please address the following corrections and completions for the SEG Diploma in Counselling Level 4, Unit 7:
Case Study for Learning Outcome 3 (LO3):
Previous Work: Incorrectly analysed; only one skill per session was discussed over six sessions.
Required: Each of the six client sessions must include an analysis of six different counselling skills, totalling 36 skill analyses. Refer to Criteria 3.1 for the list of applicable skills.
Example: Session 1 should cover skills like UPR, congruence, external locus of evaluation, empathy, etc. Each subsequent session should analyse six skills, with varying examples if skills are repeated.
Review for Learning Outcome 4 (LO4):
Action Needed: Ensure that the current written work meets the specified criteria. Please verify and amend as necessary.
Written Work for Learning Outcome 5 (LO5):
Topic: Evaluate the development of your own ethical and professional practice concerning client work.
Key Points to Include:
a. Boundaries
b. Professionalism and ethics
c. Confidentiality
d. Application of GDPR legislation.
Additional Instructions:
Utilise British English and adhere strictly to the Person-Centred Therapy (PCT) modality. Exclude discussions related to other therapeutic theories like CBT, TA, psychodynamic, or Gestalt.
For guidance, refer to the example of a passing assignment available in the provided OneDrive folder.
Please prioritise these corrections and completions with utmost accuracy to meet the Level 4 standard. Let me know if you encounter any issues accessing the files or if further clarification is needed.