Assignment Early Childhood STEM Nature Based Lear

Title: Exploring Colors with Rainbow Skittles Activity Plan: Objective: The objective of this activity is to introduce the concept of colors and how they can mix to create new colors. This activity will also help develop fine motor skills and hand

Assignment 4: Science Activity Plan
Use the activity plan provided to create a science activity for a 4-year-old classroom.  This should be a simple experiment activity.  You might want to relate it back to a book or previous learning that you have done in the classroom.
Use the form provided to create an activity plan (be sure to read the directions to the left in the boxes)
This activity plan should be based on a science activity that you would do with the class.
This activity plan should include a charting of a hypothesis that you would display in the classroom.
Make sure you follow the directions in each block carefully
There should be NO WORKSHEETS OR COLORING SHEETS—those are not developmentally appropriate.