Us Labor and Work

“The Impact of Industrialization on American Workers: Adaptation, Resistance, and the Emergence of the General Trades Union in the 1830s”

Pls follow the feedback in the document, u can put u mouse on the red point then u can see. Also In the conclusion you need to make it relevant and emphasize your thesis statement.
As the industrial revolution developed in the United States, traditional patterns of work were disrupted and the notion of artisan republicanism, in which craftsmen could aspire to the status of a master within their given field, was threatened.  Using the assigned readings from week 9, including Who Built America? Volume 1, Chapter 7 Links to an external site.and Bruce Laurie’s “”We Are All Day Laborers”: The General Trades’ Union of the City and County of Philadelphia, 1833–1837″Links to an external site., write a 1,250 to 1,500 word double-spaced research paper in 12 point font that addresses the following questions in the introduction and supporting paragraphs:
How and why did working people in the United States adapt to and/or resist the growth of industry and the rise of wage labor in the early to mid-1800s?  
Why did the General Trades Union (G.T.U.) emerge as the dominant labor organization in Philadelphia in the 1830s?  How did the G.T.U. try to unite workers of different crafts and what strategies did its members use to fight for their demands?  
What were the major obstacles workers faced in their attempts to improve their jobs and their lives, whether it was through the G.T.U. in Philadelphia or other efforts elsewhere in the U.S.?
Your conclusion should address one or both the following questions.  You should use articles from major news sources to make the comparison for the last question:
What was the overall significance of this early labor movement in the U.S.?
How does it compare to present-day efforts by workers to improve their jobs?