Empowering Visionaries

Title: Applying Conflict Resolution Steps to a Community Issue: Finding Common Ground for Effective Resolution

Please apply the seven steps for conflict resolution described in the community toolbox to an issue or challenge in your community. Make sure to address the following: (These are not one or two sentence responses. You should develop full responses to each point. Do not forget to include your references).
What is the issue, and what is the conflict?
Who are the parties involved?
What are their interests?
What do they want?
What do they need?
What are their concerns, hopes, and fears?
What would success look like?
How would the parties communicate with one another?
Where would meetings take place?
What advice would you give the parties?
Although you are not working with either party on this exercise, brainstorm solutions from each of the party’s point of view. Try to maximize the options.
Choose the best resolution. Why is that the best resolution for BOTH parties?
If neither or one of the parties agrees to the resolution, how would you arrive at a BATNA?