women in latin american music

Latinx/LGBTQIA Representation in Latin Music: Exploring Gender, Identity, and Artistic Expression

Write on the Subject of Latinxs/LGBTQIAs in Music, exploring themes of gender, identity, and sexuality in Latin music and lyrics; the impact of visual representation, gender fluidity and non-conformity in artistic expression; evolving role of LGBTQ+ individuals in Latin music. Use same rubric as Critical Reflection 1.
This assignment should be approximately 400-500 words, double-spaced, using 12 pt font. Be sure to cite from at least two assigned articles and two outside articles (articles not included in course assignments) to support the main idea or argument of your essay. Use APA style. You will be graded on critical thinking and your ability to apply ideas and concepts that you’ve learned in class. Grammar matters. Please don’t turn-in a paper that was written like a text or a one that was clearly written by an Al tool. –
You will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1. Discussion – A thorough description and discussion of the topic.
2. Analysis – Did you go beyond description of the topic? Have you extracted the arguments and assumptions in the course material? Have you linked the topic of the assignment to course material to support your ideas?
3. Organization – Is your critical reflection well-organized? (i.e. introduction, conclusion, transitional sentences, etc.). Have you organized your ideas so that they are coherent and clear for the reader?
Style – Have you edited your work for spelling and grammar? Have you used APA style?
The UTSA Writing Center is a wonderful resource for editing and proofreading and improving your editing skills. You can make an appointment on their website