Network Theory and Design

Title: “Exploring the Impact of Personal Interests on Research: A Comprehensive Analysis and Annotated Bibliography”

The paper will be eight (8) to ten (10) pages in length, not including the “works cited” section. You must
use APA formatting, including the use of proper citations. At least seven (7) reputable sources will be
cited, and at least three (3) of those will be non-electronic, print sources. The citation of online
encyclopedias such as Wikipedia is prohibited; however, other reputable online sources such as
homepages of software or hardware manufacturers are fine and will probably prove useful for very current
information as long the appropriate citations are included. Visit Saint Leo’s online library resources for
assistance with APA formatting.  
Title: It must tell the reader the specific focus of the paper. Topic: Describe your personal interest. Show why the reader should be interested as well. What drew
you to select this particular topic? Any personal or professional experiences that influenced your
choice? Any biases you feel you may bring to the research topic as you begin? How can you address
these biases. Importance: What is the significance of your work? You must address the daunting questions: Why
should others care? So what? Why is this research a worthy enterprise? Literature Review/Background: Indicate what you have read and what you have not yet read. Indicate
why you think sources are promising and relevant, what they contain or what you think they contain. It
must include how will you structure your final paper. What will be some of the sections and
subsections of your investigation? What is your strategy for the way your paper will proceed? You
should describe what plan you will use in the text of your paper as background. A good research
paper would include:
– Tables (optional)
– Figures (optional) Definition of terms: Define any technical term that is essential to readers understanding the research
paper. Annotated Bibliography: The annotated bibliography section contains a complete listing of every
pertinent work that has been personally reviewed by you in the process of completing your research
paper. You must discuss the relationship of the literature you have reviewed to your topic. Search the
web for additional information on how to prepare an annotated bibliography and review the sample
provided in the Assignment folder area. 12 annotated bibliographies are required. In addition, explain
how you found your resources. Provide keyword searches and database navigation so that other
students may benefit from your strategies. Your completed annotated bibliography should be 500-750