Ethic in Criminal justice

Ethical Misconduct in Corrections and Counter Terrorism: A Comparative Analysis of Four Case Studies from 2023-2020.

Follow the theme from assignment one, this time choose from the
following categories (pick two): Corrections, Private Security, Counter
Terrorism, and Research with Human Subjects.
• Having chosen two of the above, find two cases of misconduct within
each for a total of four case studies. Stay within the time period
rovide a Description and Analysis of
each incident. Within each category, include a Comparison
between the two events. Stay within 2023-2020.
• A Minimum of One Reference for each Case Study (four total).
• A Minimum of Two References back to our Course Materials,
be specific.
Paper, due on 11 April, follows the theme of the first, this time students may
choose from the following categories, incidents of misconduct related to Corrections, Private
Security, Counter Terrorism and Research with Human Subjects. Pick two areas from the list
and include two case studies for each category. As in the first assignment, try to be consistent
with the issues explored. The total is four case studies drawn from 2023-2020.
Directions: Begin each mini paper with a brief Introduction, why your topic is important in the
study of Ethics, and the factors you considered in selecting these two cases. Next move to a
Description of each incident, what happened and why. Be sure to include the approximate dates
and the jurisdiction related to each event. Then provide an Analysis of each case in terms of
both the decision making of the parties involved and the ethical standards that apply. In the
Analysis, be sure to apply relevant course concepts. Include with a brief Conclusion on what
you learned from this exercise.
Finally, include the References used, there should be two out of class citations one for each
current event, and two specifically drawn from the course materials. Make sure the references
are complete including author, publication, dates, and titles