“The Impact of Marijuana on Sexual Response: Exploring the Pros and Cons”

They should NOT be crowded with information
They should be clear and reflect important points from your outline
They should have a graphics, pictures, statistics, and/or data pertaining to your topic They should be eye catching, interesting and creative
You should have between 5-7 slides in total.
What you are going to submit to me
A works cited page
•APA or MLA format
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•Do not use wikipedia for your information
You minimally need 3 sources
Try to utilize .org, .gov, and .edu websites
I. Introduction
A. Define marijuana
B. Define sexual response
II. How Marijuana Affects Sexual Response
A. Physical effects
B. Psychological effects
III. Pros and Cons of Marijuana Use in Relation to Sexual Response
A. Benefits
B. Drawbacks
IV. Conclusion
A. Recap main points
B. Suggest areas for further research