Orthotics and Prosthetics

Personal Reflection and Professional Preparation in the Allied Health Field As I reflect upon my journey towards a career in the allied health field, I am filled with a sense of excitement and determination. Through my research, interview, and personal experiences, I have gained

this is the third part of my project paper. I attachted the first two parts of my paper. the instructions for the third part you are writing is listed below:
Title this next section “Personal Reflection and Professional Preparation”
Develop 2-3 pages (minimum) a plan for entry into this field. Use a minimum of 4-5 sources. Use these sources and the interview to reflect upon this exercise and how this exercise has influenced your approach to a career in an allied health profession. 
Please reference the professional organization of your chosen field as one of your sources and describe what you learned from this website. (Mandatory)
you can just list the websites you use at the bottom of the document and i will do the rest 
thank you so much!!!!