Development of Sexuality Across the Lifespan

“Exploring My Personal Views on Sexuality: An Interview with Myself”

As we have learned in class so far, we are all different when it comes to our thoughts, feelings, and expression of sexuality. For this interview, you will ask yourself the following questions. The questions in this interview were purposefully made open-ended to allow for individualized responses. 
What does sexuality mean to you? 
How do you express your sexuality?  
How would you describe your sexual values and attitudes? 
Have they changed over time?  
How did you come to develop these views? Who or what were most significant influences (e.g., family, friends, religious background, school, culture, media, personal experiences, etc.)? 
In what ways did the various influences conflict with each other, and how did you deal with that conflict? 
How do you think your sexual views and lifestyle compare with others of similar age, orientation, education, cultural or ethnic background as your own? 
What guidelines or principles have you established for yourself that govern your sexual expression? If these have evolved over time, clarify what they initially were and how they have evolved over time. 
Do you believe there is any minimum age or stage in life which determines when a person should become sexually active?  
When do you believe people can have sexual intercourse for the first time in their life as a positive experience? 
What kind of sexual attitudes, values, or lifestyles do you think pose problems in our culture today? 
What is the most positive aspect of the sexual views you hold?  
What poses the most difficulty regarding the sexual views you hold?  
What are topics related to sexuality that make you uncomfortable? Why? 
What topics related to sexuality would you like to learn more about? Why?  
If you have children/were to have children, what approach would you take to teaching them about sexuality?
What other comments would you like to make regarding your sexual views? 
Think about the questions you answered and ask yourself these questions after completing your interview: 
Have you ever asked yourself these questions before? 
What struck you about your interview? 
Did you feel any discomfort when answering these questions? Why? 
Were you comfortable the entire time you did this interview?  
How would you feel if someone in your family got a hold of your answers? 
Did your views change from the start of the class to now? How so?  
What questions came to mind while doing the interview? 
If you could do this interview over again, what other questions would you ask yourself? 
What did