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“Addressing Health Disparities in Women: Exploring the Impact of Social Determinants and Promoting Equitable Solutions”

Women’s Health Paper 15% (Communication, Inquiry, & Reflective Thinking Assessment)
Students must select a “topic of interest” (see “topics of interest” listed on D2L in Module 0: Start Here) and write a 6-7-page APA 7th edition style and formatted paper on a women’s health issue. The paper must discuss how concepts learned from class contribute to poor or negative outcomes associated with the topic (e.g., health inequity, inequality, bias, and social determinants). Evidence from 2 peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 5 years and 2 professional websites updated within the last year must be used to support the information presented on the topic. Here is a link to the APA 7th edition citation and reference resources.
In addition, students must select an initiative or organization that is working to improve equity and health outcomes for women. Discuss the services and/or the activities/programs being implemented to improve women’s health outcomes for the topic of the paper. Include information outlining how women would find out about and access the services, information, initiative, and/ or program, and the benefits it has for improving women’s health outcomes. 
See the attached grading rubric for more: 
The paper must include:
A title page and a reference list in APA format (counts in the 6-7 page requirement). 
The body of the paper must be 5 pages in length and must: 
provide an introduction to the selected women’s health issue (disparity) and provide context on what will be presented and discussed in the paper (focus or purpose). 
discuss the prevalence and the population that is disproportionately affected (health disparity, morbidity, mortality, and disability). Integrate evidence from 2 peer-reviewed and scholarly journal articles and 2 professional websites updated within the past year. (not Wikipedia, WebMD, etc.).
integrate into the discussion, course concepts (e.g., social determinants of health, inequity, bias, gender, and other intersecting factors) that contribute to the prevalence of the selected women’s health issue (health disparity). 
include a discussion on the importance of using equitable solutions to address the disparity./problem and suggest a few that are included in the scholarly and professional sources used for the paper.   
Discuss the organization chosen for addressing the selected topic and the reason for selecting it.  
Discuss whether or not women would be able to find this information and reason why or why not.
If the selected organization is not one that women know about, explain what you can do to advocate for better education and knowledge about the organization. 
conclude with 3-4 recommendations for improving the health of women, access to care, reducing bias, and advocating for change (what does the evidence say; explain objectively).
The assignment Dropbox for this paper will automatically submit the paper to for plagiarism detection (see the Academic Dishonesty Policy). If plagiarism is detected, the student will receive a grade of zero (0) on this assignment and may be subject to other disciplinary action. See the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Dishonesty Policy in the syllabus and college catalog. 
Click here APA website to access APA information. Click on “STYLE AND GRAMMAR GUIDELINES” for help with formatting the title page, the paper, the reference page, citing sources, and using headings to organize the paper using APA Style.
Grading Rubric for Women’s Health Issue Paper