ADAH World Arts and Ideas

“Art, Politics, and Identity: A Study of Cultural Appropriation and Innovation in Art and Architecture”

For This Assignment
Art, politics and identity: The works of art and architecture examined during weeks 5 and 6 often held an underlying political or social meaning that emphasized or redefined individual or group identities. In some instances, artists appropriated earlier styles that gave their works an historic pedigree. At other times artists broke with existing traditions to create something innovative and new.   Discuss how artists and/or architects embraced or reacted against the art of earlier periods to create or restate political or social identities. Use five (5) specific and dated examples of works of art or architecture that support your discussion. These examples should be drawn from at least 3 different cultures or periods that we studied in weeks 5 and 6. The examples should be discussed fully within your narrative and not briefly addressed in a “bulleted list.”  Your answer must be at least three pages in length.
Your essay must be at least three (3) pages in length, must include properly cited peer-reviewed references to support your statements and must be proofread for grammar and spelling. Make sure that you properly cite all references, as plagiarized papers will result in a failing grade in the course.  
I have attached the artworks to chose from as well as the rubric and tips and guidlines.