Genetic counseling

“Finding My Voice: From a Strict Upbringing to a Passion for Genetic Counseling”

It’s a personal statement for my applications for my masters. I want it written to tell my story. I want to start by saying I grew up in a strict household. I live apart a family of 7 and it was very hard to find my own voice and personality. Explain how I grew up to be very family oriented. Compassionate. Empathetic because I’ve seen my father struggle to make a living. Explain how I’ve roamed through college lost on what I wanted to do but followed into my brothers footsteps to be a bio major and then eventually switched to biotech which made me get more familiar with gene therapy. Ivf. Genetic counseling etc. my first vivid memory or genetic counseling is how I worked with this 30 year old at Dunkin when I was 16. She has a family who didn’t support her and her husband but she wanted a baby so bad. She tried and tried but had both ovaries removed. She then moved to IVF. so expensive and I went with her to all her appointments to be her support. Be her comfort. I went to her genetic counsellors appointment and she needed up losing her baby and hospitalized which is where her second ovary was removed. I grew up and became apart of jersey cares. I advocated for the youth, helped out the community and advocated for the community. I’ve watched a lot of genetic counseling, mixed with my research experience at loreal in the skincare department and my research experience with the head of the biotech department. I want to enter the field of genetic counseling. Even with my sister in law I’ve went with all her appointment. I worked in a daycare in the baby room which is by far my favorite job. I cried on the first day because I felt like my interactions with the baby gonna have a long lasting effect on them. I treated them as if they were my own. Some background is I have my undergrad degree in biotech so I’m very familiar with genetics