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Title: Testing Cognitive Development in a 3rd Grader: A Shadowing Experience with an Educational Intervention Specialist Outline: I. Introduction A. Brief overview of the purpose of the assignment B. Explanation of the role of

For this assignment, imagine you are shadowing an educational intervention specialist who is testing a 3rd grader on various cognitive skills to make sure she is adapting to her new school setting. Either write an essay OR develop a detailed outline describing how you would test the child’s cognitive development based on the various cognitive issues covered in this chapter (Piagetian, information processing, language, and intelligence). Include the type of tasks you would give the child based on the approaches (at least 2 per approach) and describe what types of responses you would expect to see (for example, what would you do to test for mnemonic strategies, and what would you expect to see from the child?). This assignment needs to be submitted either by typing your essay/outline directly into the response box, or you can type your work into a Word document (.docx) and upload it for your submission.